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‘Supernatural’ S13 Ep.15: ‘A Most Holy Man’ Review

In their continued search for the items needed to open a door, Cas is in Syria looking for fruit from the first tree, while Sam and Dean look for the blood of a saint.

The boys meet with Ms. Bannister to find out how to get rare religious artifacts. She really likes Sam. She points them to Richard Greenstreet. He says they must steal the skull of St. Peter from a mob boss to get the blood.

They track down the thief, and of course he’s dead, because nothing is ever that easy for the Winchesters.


Leanne Lapp (left) as Ms.Bannister in the Supernatural episode A Most Holy Man. Source: Comic Book Movie

It’s kind of crazy that they have to jump through all these hoops in the supernatural crime world. Shouldn’t being Sam and Dean Winchester buy them a little more respect?

So on top of all their usual shenanigans, the brothers are now in the middle of a mob movie. And a cheesy one at that.

They are captured by the mob boss and must now work for him and get the skull back to get the blood. Even by Supernatural standards this all seems a little convoluted.

Lucca Camilleri, a priest from the village where the skull was stolen, shows up to get it back and give the boys the pep talk they needed.

Surprise surprise, everyone has double crossed everyone and now Bannister, Greenstreet and the mobster are involved in a bidding war for the skull.

We all love a good unconventional Supernatural episode, but the real problem with all this chicanery is it’s making Sam and Dean look very inept at their job.


Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam in the Supernatural episode A Most Holy Man. Source: Comic Book Movie

To complete the full mob movie effect, there’s religious chants and Father Camilleri praying during the shootout montage.

The Winchesters come out on top and Camilleri gets to take the skull back to his village.

Naturally Greenstreet was lying, but as we all figured out, Camilleri has the blood of A Most Holy Man, so the guys got what they needed after all.

While the mob theme was new, it didn’t quite fit in with the show’s tone and the whole thing felt forced. Not Supernatural’s best outing, but a few misses in 13 seasons is completely allowed.


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