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‘Wonder Woman’ Composer Has Been Tapped To Score ‘Aquaman’ Film

The highly anticipated DC Comics film Aquaman, directed by James Wan, is inching closer to its Winter 2018 release date. With that, the filmmakers are now entering into their post production phase. One of those phases includes putting together the score for the film and it has been confirmed that Warner Bros and James Wan have chosen Rupert Gregson-Williams to score the film.

Gregson-Williams is a two time Emmy nominated composer and has scored films like Hacksaw Ridge and Legend of Tarzan. He is also responsible for composing the music to DC Comics most popular film, Wonder Woman.

The score that decorated the adventures of our favorite Amazonian warrior Princess was a key component that made the film that much more enjoyable. Now we will wait and see what Rupert creates for our favorite half-human, half-Atlantean King.

Are you a fan of Rupert Gregson-Williams? Anxious to hear what he creates for the film? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Film Music Reporter

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