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Michael K. Williams Talks About ‘Solo’ And The Reason Behind Recasting

Solo: A Star Wars Story is fast approaching as it flies into theatres May 25th. It is a coin toss to see which production was more difficult, Solo or Rogue One, but the debate Solo will certainly be something fans will be thinking about as they walk into the theatres.


Image via Bleeding Cool

One of the casualties of the feud between Kathleen Kennedy and directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller was Michael K. Williams. Williams was cast on March 7th 2017 and he was to play Dryden Vos. After shooting his scenes Williams left for another production, Red Sea Diving Resort. While shooting he received word that Lord & Miller were no longer directing the film, which was nearly complete.

While on the Jim and Sam Show, Williams was asked about the situation and he explained that he was recast due to scheduling conflicts. Director Ron Howard was brought in to take over and he decided that Williams scenes needed to be reshot, but Williams was unavailable to return as he was busy filming.

Paul Bettany was hired to step into the role. It is unclear if Bettany ‘s Dryden Vos will be any different from Williams, or if the reshoots were extensive.

Vos and Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) don’t get along, and that Vos was somewhat of a romantic rival for Qi’Ra’s affections.Williams describes his character as being “half mountain lion, half human”. The character was very wealthy and worldly, and may have been threatened by the Young Solo’s presence.

Set photos of Bettany in the role don’t show that Vos is half-lion, perhaps Howard did not like that angle. It won’t be clear until Solo hit theatres.

Source: Jim and Sam Show.

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