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DC Comics Debuts Their New ‘Black Label’ Imprint

DC Entertainment has begun a new initiative for 2018 called the “Black Label” which takes their best and brightest writers and artists and gives them free reign over classic characters.

DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee explains in a statement about the new imprint. “Creating DC Black Label doubles down on our commitment to working with all-star talent and trusting them to tell epic, moving stories that only they can tell with the highest levels of creative freedom.”

The imprint will releasing in August of 2018 with the first issue of the three part series: Superman: Year One.

The imprint will have many new miniseries giving classic characters new stories and a fresher take.

The imprint will include a two new Batman comics and two new Wonder Woman Comics along with a DC Universe History series that will explain and analyze characters in the DC universe that identify as part of a marginalized group such as John Stewart and Vixen. You can find the official summaries for each of the series here.

Are you excited for the new DC “Black Label?” Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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