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‘Black Lightning’ S1 Ep.7: ‘Equinox: The Book of Fate’ Review

This week’s episode opens with Lynn treating Anissa after her fight with Black Lightning. Considering her feelings about Black Lightning, it’s not surprising that Lynn isn’t happy about Anissa wanting to be a vigilante.

Anissa completely disregards Lynn’s concerns and is a little childish here. It’s not a good look for her.

Upstairs in the tailor shop Jeff figures out Gambi has known all along that Tobias is alive and their friendship is broken.

The men who broke into Lynn’s lab are being taken care of by Lady Eve. She then sends a text to Gambi letting him know “the cleaners are on the way.” We really need to get a flashback episode focused on their history.


Jill Scott as Lady Eve and James Remar as Gambi in Black Lightning. Source: Comic Book Movie

Gambi goes to see Lady Eve to complain about Tobias being too public. Apparently, they set up a deal a long time ago and he’s upsetting things. As a compromise she says he can have Joey Toledo. They definitely have an exes kind of vibe.

Jeff and Lynn don’t want Anissa to use her powers, but good luck selling that to her. They also plan to test Jennifer for abilities.

Anissa wants Jeff to teach her to be a hero, but he’s reluctant because she’s too impulsive and not ready. We’ve heard that one before a few times in the Arrowverse.

She apologizes to Lynn for her outburst and finally figures out that Black Lightning is the reason her parents split up. That information, plus finding out her grandfather’s editor was killed after helping her, gives her some perspective.

Ultimately, Lynn decides Jeff needs to train Anissa because she’s too stubborn to give up her quest to save the world. She also gets Gambi to make her a state of the art super suit.

It turns out Gambi is a badass. He rolls into the fight club, kills Toledo and a few other guys before leaving a present from Lady Eve.

1x07-black lightning (2)

Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning in Black Lightning. Source: Comic Book Movie

After receiving the ground up Albino bones left at Joey’s body, Tobias’ sister tries to convince him to make a move on Lady Eve.

Jeff is once again standing on rooftop brooding, flashing back to his father’s murder and ready to kill Tobias. What he doesn’t realize is that Tobias has decided to frame him for Lady Eve’s murder.

Since he’s busy with Tobias, he will have no alibi for her attack, bringing the revenge of her colleagues into his life.

This was actually an ingenious plan, as Tobias got rid of Lady Eve and turned public sentiment against Black Lightning in one move.

Jeff also should have listened to everyone telling him to not go down this path, as Tori got caught in the crossfire and died, the guilt of which pushes him to decide to train Anissa.

In the final surprise moments, we are shown dead gang leader Lala being resurrected.

This being a comic book show, there’s no way we’ve seen the last of Jill Scott, however, it seems a shame to have her character leave so soon. She’s a much more interesting villain than Tobias. Fingers crossed for her return.

Also happening around Freeland:

Jennifer literally had nothing to do in this episode. What are they doing with her character? We know what she becomes in the comics, but is that what’s going to happen here?

Is Gambi going to go after Tobias as revenge for killing Lady Eve?



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