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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 13 ‘No Country for Old Dads’ Review

On this week’s episode of Legends, we shift focus to our antagonists Damien and his daughter Nora Darhk, as we learn about their bond and how much they love each other even though they’re bent on world domination.

Spoilers Ahead

Last episode Ray was captured by the Darhk‘ and now he’s their prisoner, although we learn early on that he’s acting more of a therapist at certain points. Nora has Amaya’s Spirit Totem but the only way to use it is if you have something to actually use it for other than power. Also in their possession is the fire totem, however, it is damaged and the only way to fix it is to travel to Cold War Berlin and save a scientist before he is assassinated by a younger Damien Darhk.

I’ll skip the story and get right down to what made the episode great.

The film they pay homage to is No Country for Old Men, as you can clearly see from the title of the episode. Damien is a Cold War assassin with ridiculous hair and an unstoppable determination to kill, much like the films main antagonist Anton Chigurh. And It was executed very well. The performance by Neil McDonough playing both Damiens is great, as we get a deranged assassin and deranged, loving father, trying to connect with his daughter. He delivers an intimidating, yet sweet, and always charming performance. Also, there’s a TON of dad jokes to chuckle at. He’s Easily the highlight of the episode. And give credit to Courtney Ford playing Nora who has a great chemistry with McDonough and bounces off each other very well.

Zari and Amaya go on a vision quest and we gin Aly learn that when they enter the “spirit world” they enter a world between time, where Mallus is trapped and is only able to escape through ruptures in time. I for one am glad we are getting the plot moving and while I was impatient at the beginning of the season, the previous episodes have been such a delight, I can forgive it.

Sara and Ava seem to be getting along very well, but we are teased in the end by Rip (who keeps keeping secrets) that Sara must not know the truth about Ava. With Rip back we also have Wally coming into the series where he officially joins the Legends as a member and I can’t wait to see more of him! From the Little we’ve seen him on Legends, he already seems like a great fit! The rest of the Legends, specifically Nate and Mick stand as the minor comedic relief (again).

The episode is one of the best ones! Having another villain focused episode really helps with the development of them. Damien Darhk is perfect where he is in Legends and is a much-suited villain for the Legends than he ever was in Arrow. And we can’t wait to see what else happens! Grodd is still running around, Alexander Hamilton tried to see his own musical, Mallus is breaking free, can’t wait to see what happens next!

What did you think of the episode? Episode Fourteen of Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday, March 12 at 8:00pm EST on the CW.

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