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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Concept Art Shows Alternate Designs For Hela’s Costume

Hela, one of the best MCU villains thus far, had an incredible and ever-changing look throughout Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park just dropped some alternate designs for Hela’s costume and talked to about her look. Check out what he says below:

“Her look is ever evolving, from her first look when she comes out of the portal … where she’s kind of more goth to her smaller headdress to her bigger headdress to her helmet to her makeup. There were just so many aspects to her that I was pretty much working on the Hela design from beginning of production all the way even into post, even after they filmed and they were doing visual effects, I was still designing her.”

Park went on to talk about the thought of CGI and practicality when coming up with the designs and how that affected the winning choice. The alternate designs look pretty cool to me, but I love the one we got. Check them both out below and tell us what you think!



Thor: Ragnarok is available now on Digital HD and will hit shelves with a 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD set for March 6, 2018.



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