Earlier this week studio Question, comprised of veterans who previously worked on Bioshock and Dishonored, announced their eerie new horror game The Blackout Club. The cooperative horror mystery follows a group of teenagers, uniting to uncover the mystery haunting their town. Inspired by horror movies/ TV shows and their “teens vs. monsters troupe, the developers were looking to place a set of unexpected heroes in an undeservingly cruel world.

Bonded by a shared experience of having blackouts lasting days at a time, the young investigators team up to solve the mystery of their ailment. Thier search becomes more fevered once one friend mysteriously vanishes. With the adults of the town seemingly turned against them, the teenagers pull together to solve the small-town conspiracy.

Uncovering the secret requires the makeshift mystery team to put themselves in harm’s way to gather video evidence of their attackers. Since the group lacks the strength to faceoff with the adults on their own, they often lean on stealth and the power of numbers to accomplish their tasks. Cooperation is crucial as one wrong move could result in the loss of a friend.

The Blackout Club is expected for release in 2019 on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Be sure to check out the developers Twitter and website for more information! What did you think of their announcement trailer? Let us know in the comments or join us in our community Discord!

Source: PlayStation

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