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‘Supernatural’ S13 Ep.14: ‘Good Intentions’ Review

Supernatural has spent a lot of time talking about the other world that Mary and Jack are stuck in and this week we get an extended visit.

We open on Michael and Zachariah psychologically torturing Jack to make him use his powers to open a door to our Earth. Since Supernatural is on The CW and Arrowverse adjacent, we’ll just call them Earth-1 and Earth-2.

For his next trick, Zachariah uses a fake Cas to show Jack why humans don’t deserve Earth. He gives him a look at all the damage caused to the planet and it’s sobering, because well, he’s not wrong.


Samantha Smith as Mary, Jim Beaver as Bobby and Alexander Calvert as Jack in the Supernatural episode Good Intentions. Source: spoilerguide

A frustrated Michael throws Jack in a cell with Mary, because as she points out, he will use her to make Jack cooperate.

He didn’t count on Mary figuring out a way for Jack to finally use his powers, which leads to their escape.

On a side note, Jack needs to survive the season, so he can officially become a Winchester. The patient, motherly way Mary helped him shows how he is meant to be one of them.

The only good thing about this alternate world is that we get to see old friends like Bobby, who Mary and Jack meet up with during their escape.

Bobby explains that his Mary never made a deal, so John died, and Sam and Dean were never born to stop the apocalypse. For all their talk about how that deal ruined their lives, turns out it actually saved the world.

Back at the bunker, Sam, Dean and Cas are still waiting for Donatello to translate a way to open the door so they can rescue Jack and Mary.


Jensen Ackles as Dean, Misha Collins as Castiel and Jared Padalecki as Sam in the Supernatural episode Good Intentions. Source: spoilerguide

Donatello says for part of the spell to open a door, the guys need the hearts of some extremely dangerous ancient warriors. Of course, they’re locked away in some crazy place, so Dean and Cas set off to find them.

Dean and Cas have a relatively easy time with the warriors, but it turns out they don’t have hearts, so obviously Donatello is lying to them.

Unfortunately, because he has no soul Donatello has been driven crazy by the Demon tablet.

Cas takes matters into his own hands and strips the spell out of Donatello’s mind. A decision that leaves Donatello brain dead and on life support.

Cas has to get tough with the boys and tell them that as soldiers they will have to make hard choices to save the world. Considering everything they’ve been through, you think they would’ve learned that by season 13.

As expected the angels catch up with Mary and Jack at Bobby’s camp, and begin killing everyone. Thankfully, Jack is able to use his powers to save some of them.

These Earth-2 angels are the worst we’ve ever seen. They’re actually more like demons. When we first started hearing about the big fight back in season five, there were some angels that knew it was a terrible idea, but here they’re all awful.

To save everyone, Jack decides he has to kill Michael.

Also happening around the bunker:

Hey remember that Gabriel surprise you guys dropped on us? Are we going to get back to that soon?

Perhaps he has something to do with all this talk about the grace of an archangel.


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