Academy Award nominee Margot Robbie just landed a pretty interesting role that her production company, LuckyChap, will produce and Bold Films will finance Dangerous Odds. This is fresh off of Robbie’s LuckyChap signing a first-look deal with Warner Bros. Robbie will star as Marisa Lankester, a former cleaning-lady turned illegal-sports-betting pro. The movie is based on Lankester’s memoir, Dangerous Odds: My Secret Life Inside an Illegal Billion-Dollar Sports Betting Operation. Bold Films CEO Gary Michael Walters had this to say about Robbie and the role:

“It’s a great character; it’s a female Scarface in the rise of this great criminal operation under the leadership of a very savvy woman. Margot Robbie is an extraordinary actress and couldn’t be hotter right now. She is so versatile and strong with comedy, drama and action — she really is the full package, and that’s rare. She’s built up a great production company with LuckyChap.”


Well guys what do you think? Does the movie sound lit? More importantly, is Margot Robbie gonna take home that Oscar for Best Leading Actress this Sunday? Stay tuned for more info!

Source: Deadline

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