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‘Arrow’ S6 Ep.14: ‘Collision Course’ Review

Since their split, Star City’s two vigilante teams have had a tense working relationship. Things finally come to a head this week, as the groups disagree about how to handle Black Siren.

When we left off, Quentin had kidnapped Earth-2 Laurel to try and get through to her and make her see the error of her ways. This storyline is full of too many holes and it makes Quentin look incredibly naive and silly with every passing moment.

In the aftermath of Cayden James’ mysteriously random death, the city is on the brink of financial collapse and his accounts were emptied already.


Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance in the Arrow episode Collision Course. Source: ComicBook

Felicity finds video of Laurel withdrawing the money, so everyone is looking for her. Quentin, knowing how bad the city needs the money back, is still holding her in a secret place, because he can change her.

Team annoying newbies uses some of Curtis’ tech to find out that someone dragged Laurel from the fight. At their base, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity barge in thinking they’re hiding Laurel and things get very heated.

Rene does his usual pick a fight move and Oliver almost gives him what he wants. Rene is the worst, as he keeps walking around challenging Oliver like he’s not the one who caused this whole situation by telling the Feds everything.

Thea follows Quentin and finds where he took Laurel. She calls Oliver, with Laurel negotiating a deal to get the city’s money back. The other team is listening in and get mad that Oliver seemingly takes Laurel at her word.


Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity and Stephen Amell as Oliver in the Arrow episode Collision Course. Source: ComicBook

Quentin makes a deal to go with Laurel in exchange for the city’s money, but Curtis hacks John’s arm to find their location, the teams meet up outside the cabin and it is on.

After a big fight, Dinah finally gets to Laurel, but Curtis is able to talk her out of being “just like Oliver.” Unfortunately, Laurel takes the moment to get away.

Then Rene suddenly collapses in pain. His wounds from when he was shot were exacerbated in the fight and he needs special care outside of Star City.

So, the city has no money, Diaz has the police chief and the DA working for him and the teams are completely done with each other. That was a rough hour for Oliver as the mayor and the Green Arrow.

While the fight was ok, it seemed unnecessary and didn’t make anyone look good.

Obviously, this was Diaz’s plan all along. To weaken the city and its heroes so he could take over. Seems like it’s working.

Also happening around Star City:

We need to take a moment and discuss our feelings about the happy family, baking cookies scene happening at the Queen house. Who saw that coming six years ago?

Oliver: “She didn’t vanish off the face of the Earth.

Felicity: “Are you sure, because she is from another Earth?”


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