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‘Snowpiercer’ Show Signs ‘Orphan Black’ Co-Creator as Showrunner

With production already started, the TNT Snowpiercer show has just found its showrunner. Graeme Manson, the co-creator of Orphan Black will be taking over on the show.


Sarah Aubrey, the VP of TNT’s original programming, made a statement about the hire:

“Graeme’s extensive background in the sci-fi genre coupled with his brilliant work behind Orphan Black made him the perfect choice for the series. He is the best conductor to navigate the thought-provoking and delicate themes of the series while bringing this frozen, futuristic world to life.”

Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs, who is set to play the lead role, mentioned that the show will focus heavily on the worldbuilding prior to Snowpiercer, and on the mechanisms behind the train. Coupled with Manson’s experience writing dark sci-fi plotlines and subjects, the Snowpiercer show is shaping to explore plenty of themes in its icy wasteland.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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