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‘Overwatch’ Introduces Its New Hero, Brigitte Lindholm

Overwatch’s 2018 has been kicking off to a great start. On top of the Overwatch League’s success and the Year of the Dog event, Overwatch has just announced it’s 27th hero, Brigitte Lindholm.

As of writing this, Brigitte has only been available for 3 hours on PC.

Brigitte is Torbjörn’s daughter, and is a support character. Her abilities include Rocket Flail, Repair Pack, Whip Shot, Barrier Shield, Shield Back, and her ultimate ability, Rally. Rally allows Brigitte to move faster and provides all nearby allies with armor that lasts until it breaks from damage.

A 28-year-old engineer, Brigitte is Torb’s youngest daughter, who decided to join Reinhardt as his squire. After fighting alongside him, she decided that the best way to aid Reinhardt was to become a warrior herself, and learned to fight along with engineering her own armor in secret.

Brigitte specializes in armor and protection, and acts as a tankish-support.

Have you gotten to play as Brigitte? Let us know how you like her in the comments, and come join us for Overwatch and other games on the Geeks of Color community Discord!

Source: Blizzard


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