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Fox Plans Six More X-Men Films To Be Released By 2020

Ever since it was announced that Disney had garnered a deal to acquire the rights to Twentieth Century Fox’s film division, many fans rejoiced at the potential to finally see all of the Marvel characters reunite under the roof of one studio, particularly the X-Men. But there have also been a large percentage of Marvel fans who actually enjoy Fox’s take on our favorite mutant heroes.

Whatever happens, it sounds like Fox will continue business as usual until the deal is finalized. According to The Hollywood Reporter, business as usual translates to Fox preparing to release six more X-Men related films in the next two years; three in 2019 and three more in 2020.

The first film on that list is Josh Boone’s New Mutants film which has a new release date set for February 2019. It is also said that the highly anticipated X-Force film will start principal photography this October which means it will most likely take on another 2019 release date. That leaves four more properties to be released. But what could these projects possibly be?

Some speculate that one of those projects is the long awaited Gambit film starring Channing Tatum but will the movie find a new director in time? It is also known that a potential Kitty Pryde film is in the works as well as a film based on Multiple Man which James Franco is reported to be co-producing and starring in.

Fox also owns the film rights to Marvel’s first family, The Fantastic Four. The idea of a Silver Surfer film and another film based on Doctor Doom is also said to be in the works. Although highly likely, the Fox/Disney deal isn’t fully official so Fox definitely has plans to take full advantage of their comicbook properties before this deal finally closes.

Are you excited to see Fox churn out more Marvel properties while they still can? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Deadpool 2 punches into theaters May 22, 2019 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix soars into theaters November 2, 2018.


  1. Soooooooo still no Storm movie…hmmm…as big of an X head as I am if they put Kitty out before Storm I’m done…

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