The Purge Election Year Courtesy of Blumhouse

The Purge TV Series Casts Gabriel Chavarria & Jessica Garza as Leads

The Purge franchise’s spinoff television series has found its leads in East Los High’s Gabriel Chavarria and Six’s Jessica Garza, according to a report via Deadline. Series creator James DeMonaco is helming the show for Blumhouse Productions’ television division, Blumhouse Television.

Chavarria’s role is that of a Marine, who has “a hard edge and a noble mission.” After receiving a mysterious message from his younger sister, Garza’s character Penelope, Miguel returns home on the night of the Purge to protect his family.

Gabriel Chavarria in East Los High Courtesy of Hulu
Gabriel Chavarria in East Los High Courtesy of Hulu

As a member of a Purge-worshipping cult, Penelope has promised to sacrifice herself “at the behest of [the cult’s] charismatic leader.” Upon making a chilling discovery about the true nature of Purge Night, Penelope’s faith in the cult is tested.

Jessica Garza
Jessica Garza

The series is being developed for USA Network and Syfy with a 10-episode order, and reportedly begins filming in April. At present, the show is without a release date.


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