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‘Jessica Jones’ Review: Season 2 Offers An Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride For Our Favourite Reluctant Heroine

Jessica Jones is finally back and she is crankier, sassier, and fiercer than ever. Netflix was kind enough to offer GoC the chance to watch the first five episodes of Jessica Jones! Thank you Netflix.


This will be a non-spoiler review. If you wish to know nothing about the show until its premiere March 8, here is where we say goodbye. But before you go just remember that season 2 starts off great and we are looking at yet another amazing season of Jessica Jones.

This season, our favourite super-powered Private Investigator, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) will be faced with challenges that concern her past, her personal life and her professional life. Enemies are coming after Jessica from all sides and she is not the best person to annoy with such things.


The season kicks off with Jessica trying to get by after the events of season 1. The cat is out of the bag and New York knows what she can do. Her job is made difficult by this because people are expecting things that Jessica is uncomfortable with. She finds herself at odds with her clients (more so than usual). Alias has its newest employee, the now sober and clean Malcolm (Eka Darville). This season Malcolm looks to be an unexpected source of support and ally for Jessica and Trish (Rachael Taylor). He will also have his own side-plot about life after Kilgrave (David Tennant) and how to reclaim a life that was stolen. He and Jessica share a lot of commonalities, hopefully Jessica will see that and stop pushing Malcolm away. Alias also has some difficulties ahead as Jessica’s practice is challenged by Pryce Cheng (Terry Chen).


Jessica’s personal life also gets complicated by the presence of Oscar (J.R. Ramirez), her new superintendent. He and his son move in and Oscar is very apprehensive about Jessica’s abilities. However, his son loves the SuperLady downstairs. Oscar has his own secrets that may prove to be helpful for Jessica, but he also may get in the way like Luke did in season one. It will be interesting to see their relationship unfold, but it may not end well, because Luke and Jessica are endgame (hopefully).


Trish, oh Trish. This is the character that I find has fans of the show divided. Either you love her or you don’t. At the beginning of the series we see that Trish hasn’t really learned anything from the Kilgrave situation. She is very headstrong and although she shares this trait with Jessica, Jessica has the benefit of actually protecting herself. Trish is always placing herself in difficult predicaments and is quite self-destructive. Without divulging any spoilers, lets just say, Trish will learn the hard way that with great power comes great consequences.


The final character we are going to touch on is Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) who is now dealing with consequences of the first season. This season we will see Hogarth in a difficult predicament that will either make her a better person or will make her double down on her Hogarth ways. Without revealing too much, just remember what she did with Kilgrave’s DNA- will this have a destructive outcome? You’ll just have to watch the new season to find out.


The first few episodes are about setting up the main players in this story. IGH is of course the main focus, as Jessica reluctantly pursues them to know what they did to her. Kilgrave’s presence still lingers as Jessica’s PTSD is still something she is grappling with. Everyone has their stake in the mystery one way or another and what might be the most terrifying aspect of this season is, will Jessica lose it all? Her friends, her home, her job, her sanity, these are things that are very fragile in Jessica’s life and this adventure may just shatter it all.

Jessica Jones season 2 will premiere on Netflix March 8!

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