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This Year’s Pilot Season Features Gains for Female Directors

With all the talk about women getting more opportunities to direct feature films, it seems there are actually some improvements for female directors in the TV world.

As pilot season gets in full swing, it looks like women are making strides, as the number of female directors of drama pilots has improved from one in 2017 to 14 this year.

The women helming drama pilots this season includes Larysa Kondracki (ABC’s The Fix), Liz Friedlander (ABC’s The Rookie), Uta Briesewitz (ABC’s Salvage), Regina King (ABC’s Untitled Holmes Sisters), Rosemary Rodriguez (CBS’ Cagney & Lacey), Zetna Fuentes (CBS’ Chiefs), Victoria Mahoney (CBS’ Red Line), Sanaa Hamri (Fox’s Untitled Ilene Chaiken/Melissa Scrivner Love), Patricia Riggen (Fox’s Untitled David Elliott/Danny Strong), Kate Dennis (NBC’s Untitled Schulner/Horton), Charlotte Sieling (NBC’s In Between Lives), Minkie Spiro (NBC’s The Village), Rachel Lee Goldenberg (The CW’s Playing Dead) and Julie Plec (The CW’s Roswell).

regina king directing southland (2)

Regina King (left) directing Southland. Source: NPR

While this list features some familiar names, the 2018 lineup features 10 women directing pilots for the first time.

It’s also worth nothing that five of them are women of color, a group not represented at all last year.

On the comedy side, the nine pilots are helmed by six women. Unfortunately, once again no women of color were given comedy pilot directing assignments.

pam fryman

Pam Fryman on the set of How I Met Your Mother. Source: Twitter


The women directing comedy pilots are Pam Fryman (CBS’ History of Them, ABC’s Most Likely To, NBC’s Abby’s and Friends In Law), Julie Anne Robinson (NBC’s Aseem Batra) and Gail Mancuso (NBC’s So Close), Christine Gernon (ABC’s The Greatest American Hero), Kat Coiro (Fox’s Daddy Issues) and Lake Bell (Bless This Mess, which will film off-cycle).

For directors of color, a small gain was made. Last year featured seven men directing pilots, while 2018 includes six men and five women helming projects.

The list includes King, Fuentes, Hamri, Mahoney, Riggen, Stephen Williams (ABC’s Get Christie Love), Anthony Hemingway (CBS’ Murder), Justin Lin (CBS’ Main Justice), Anton Cropper (NBC’s untitled Gabrielle Union) and Rob Hardy (the CW’s Spencer).

Which pilot are you most excited to see?

Source: Deadline


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