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Marvel Comics Reveals Peggy Carter as Captain America In ‘Exiles #3’

Peggy Carter has always been a fan favourite, ever since her first appereance at Tales of Suspense #77 in 1966, but her status skyrocketed thanks to Hayley Atwell performance in Captain America: The First Avenger and her subsequent appereances in the MCU with her own One-Shot, that eventually led to the Agent Carter TV series which aired for two seasons, as well as voice Peggy in Avengers Assemble.


Today, it’s uncertain what the future holds for Peggy in the MCU -as she passed away in Civil War– but in Comics the story is a little bit different, as with Marvel’s release of their May solicits this week it’s been revealed that Exiles #3 will introduce a version of Peggy Carter who became Captain America.



Exiles #3 by David Marquez


While this is the first time that Peggy has taken on Cap’s mantle in the comics, it’s not the first time Captain Carter is been introduced to Marvel’s lore as in 2016, with Marvel’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of Captain America they introduced alternate takes on the character in a bunch of their mobile games. Puzzle Quest introduced Peggy Carter as Captain America, complete with a video explaining the character’s history.


Exiles borrows from the Puzzle Quest version of Captain Carter, using the same uniform Jae Tsai designed for the game.

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Exiles #3 will be available this May 9

Source: Screen Rant

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