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Movie for Game ‘Papers, Please’ is Released for Viewing

A brief film adaptation of Lucas Pope’s game Papers, Please has been released and it’s free to watch.  The Russian-language film was directed by Nikita Ordynskiy and co-written with Pope and Liliya Tkach, and it comes also with subtitles in over 22 languages.  You can watch his mini-movie on YouTube or on Steam to enjoy.

The film follows the main character, the inspector that you would be playing in the actual game.  All the details are there: the handbook, the stamps, the posters, the familiar dramatic music.  The film brings the game to life.  And just like the game, the viewers see the difficult decisions made and the emotional please of the characters trying to enter into Arstotzka.

You can watch the film for yourself down below:

The game was initially released in 2013 and has won the BAFTA Games Award for Strategy and Simulation.  It has made critical acclaim for its compelling look into border control.  And since the film is only ten minutes long, it doesn’t reveal much of the major plots of the game.  However, the duration of the film still captures the nihilistic and and unforgiving nature of the game.

The game can be purchased on Steam.

Have you played the game?  What did you think of the short film adaptation?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Polygon

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