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#SOTD: Kero Kero Bonito – “Cinema”

Kero Kero Bonito is a three piece band from London made up of Sarah Midori Perry, Gus Lobban, and Jamie Bulled. To many, KKB is known for their electronic pop sound with music such as their widely known singles “Sick Beat”, “Flamingo”, and “Trampoline”. These include their ingenious use of both English and Japanese in their music. However, on the February 13th, the trio surprised fans with their new single titled “Only Acting” from their EP Totep which was released this past Tuesday. The EP features a brand new rock inspired sound compared to their electropop sound on their first album, Graduation.

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Totep is far different from anything that KKB has previously released. It is a bit darker, less exuberance, a bit chill dreamy, and less electronic sounding. And I love it. The EP includes a total of four songs:

1. “The One True Path”

2. “Only Acting”

3. “You Know How It Is”

4. “Cinema”

Which brings us to our song of the day, “Cinema.” One of the tracks from the EP that’s more on the dreamy side. The relaxed beat of the drums and slow strums of the guitar backing Sarah’s sweet story telling. All though their previous sound is not completely lost. As you can still hear the Japanese influence with in this gem. Put it all together and you have what I would consider the best song from the EP, Cinema. An incredibly beautiful song that you could take a summer time night drive to.

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I believe that “Cinema” is now my personal favorite KKB song, dethroning “Picture This”, which has held the crown since its release in March 2015. I’ve always loved their unique sound and different style. When I first heard “Only Acting”, I was kind of surprised, but in a good way. I loved what I heard and as I continued to listen to the rest of the EP, “Cinema” stick with me. I just loved the overall sound of it and feeling it gave off. My favorite part of the song is when Sarah sings:

“Even now, I still stop by

Most stories look better wide

And I feel at peace here, ’cause

While the adverts might’ve changed

The popcorn tastes the same

And in the end the day’s always saved

So once the picture stops

I let the hours pass, distracted in the dark”

Truthfully, I can’t think of a more perfect way to describe the before and after of a visit to the Cinema.


Kero Kero Bonito’s EP Totep is now available to be streamed on Spotify and purchased on iTunes.

The official ‘Cinema’ audio is also available for listening to on YouTube.

Please be sure to follow us on our Official SoundCloud and Spotify accounts:



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