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JJ Abrams Confirms ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Script Is Finished

In an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, JJ Abrams confirmed that Star Wars Episode IX officially has a finished script. Late last year, JJ Abrams replaced Colin Trevorrow as the film’s director, and the film’s release was pushed back 7 months to December of 2019 to facilitate the writing of a brand new script.

Abrams stated:

“We have a script, which is a big deal for me. It starts shooting end of July. Sometimes having a script in advance is something I haven’t always been lucky enough to have. But I’m writing this with Chris Terrio, who’s a genius, and I’m having a great time.”

With both a script and a production date, Episode IX is on track to round out the sequel trilogy nicely. What do you think the official title for Episode IX will be? Let us know in the comments!

Solo: A Star Wars Story, the 2018 installment of the franchise, will be hitting theaters on May 25, 2018.

Source: GameSpot


1 comment on “JJ Abrams Confirms ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Script Is Finished

  1. Karen Scheuermann

    Hope it contains answers to Rey’s big secret and explains her presence at the burning of the temple in her force dream and how she heard her father telling her he would be back, and how she knew Actoo.


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