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‘Danger Girl’ Finds Scriptwriter in Umair Aleem

Back in November 2017, Constantin Film garnered the rights to a Danger Girl film and it appears that they have finally pegged the scriptwriter. Constantin bought the rights with a rumored potential of building a possible franchise and they’ve hired Umair Aleem to start it.

Aleem is currently repped by Madhouse Entertainment, Verve, and Felker Toczek and last year his script for Kate, a story revolving around a veteran hitwoman who gets poisoned during her last assignment and has 24 hours to track down her killer before she dies, was part of The Black List 2017 before being bought by Netflix. The project currently has a $25 million dollar budget with a projected production start date of this April.

Danger Girl was created by J. Scott Campell and Andy Hartnell and was originally released back in the mid-90s. The comic revolves around a group of female secret agents ala Charlie’s Angels- and are lead by a former British Secret Service Agent named Deuce. The series also spawned a video game which was released in 2000 for Playstation and was loosely based on seven of the comic’s issues.

Constantin Film’s Martin Moszkowicz will serve as an executive producer alongside both Hartnell and Campell.

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