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‘Avatar: the Last Air Bender’ To Be Released on Blu-ray

That’s right ya’ll! Soon you will finally be able to rewatch and re-cry over Avatar: The Last Airbender on your Blu-ray player like you’ve always wanted. It has been ten years since the iconic series first premiered and Nickelodeon even found time to do a spin-off, a film (which we don’t acknowledge) and video games in that time, but now the studio has announced that they will be releasing the show on Blu-ray just in time for its tenth anniversary.

The Blu-ray will have the entire series in addition to awesome features that fans love like audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes bits, and will also apparently have an animated graphic novel called Escape From the Spirit World, which was originally from an online game whose intention was to connect the second and third seasons of the show.


It is currently unconfirmed if Nickelodeon will be releasing the episodes in HD or if it will be like the iTunes release from last December where fans made complaints that some episodes could only be viewed in 720p. The collection is expected to come out at around $45 and for those of us who never got that into Blu-rays, the series is already out on DVD in Region One, Region Two, and Region Four.

Are you hype for the Blu-ray? Tell us how you feel below!

The Avatar: The Last Air Bender Blu-ray will be released on May 1st and will be available at Best Buy.


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