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Jessica Chastain Is In Negotiations To Star As Adult Beverly Marsh In ‘IT’ Sequel

Jessica Chastain is eyeing her next iconic role as the adult version of Beverly Marsh in New Line’s upcoming sequel to It.


Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh

Variety reports that these negotiations are in early stages, the scripts is still being worked on, and director Andy Muschietti has not officially signed on to direct.

Chastain and Muschietti had previously worked together on horror flick Mama, which was both a critical and financial success.

Muschietti os very keen on the idea that Chastain play Beverly in the sequel. Many fans took to social media when the film was released to cast the Adult Loser’s Club, and Chastain has been a clear favourite for the role.

In Stephen King’s novel most of the members of the Losers Club leave Derry. When they do they forget what happened with Pennywise. Beverly becomes a successful fashion designer, and the other members who left Derry also find their own successes. Mike Hanlon, played by Chosen Jacobs in Chapter One, is the character that stayed behind, and summons the Club back to Derry when Pennywise resurfaces.

Many are expecting the Adult Losers club to be a star-studded cast, and fans have some very specific casting mind. New Line is certainly taking notice as Chastain is one of the most talked about actress for the part, and already has a relationship with Muschietti. New Line should certainly do their best to attach the actress to the project.

It: Chapter One became the largest-grossing horror film of all time, the sequel has the potential to outperform it, especially with a critically acclaimed actress in a leading role.

Source: Variety

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