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‘Black Lightning’ S1 Ep.5: ‘And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light’ Review

After last week’s focus on the growing drug problem in Freeland, it quickly becomes clear that things are getting worse.

We open on Black Lightning learning how to operate the suit’s new hover function, which allows him to fly. He then stops the cops from shooting a kid who’s high on Green Light.

Something is obviously wrong with Jeff’s powers, as he loses control in public and hears a high-pitched debilitating frequency.

Tobias visits Gambi’s shop. Turns out Tobias is on a serum that keeps him from aging. This is particularly interesting since Jeff has no idea Tobias is still around. What will happen when Jeff discovers his friend’s lies?


James Remar as Gambi in Black Lightning. Source: Collider

Anissa watches conspiracy theory videos about people with abilities. She finds out 30 years ago, nine kids in Freeland with abilities mysteriously disappeared. Has she never heard that you can’t believe crazy internet theories?

More internet research points her in the direction of her grandfather. Seems like she’s already on the path to figuring out her family identity.

When she questions one of his old reporter friends, he pretty much kicks her out when she brings up the missing kids.

Meanwhile in the underworld, Tobias’ sister Tori tells him he won’t be able to handle their Black Lightning problem until he deals with his issues about their abusive father. Comic book villains always have unresolved parental issues. It’s a rule.

He works through his problems by tracking down his father, crushing his spine and leaving him for dead. Seems perfectly healthy. Nothing off about that right?

Anissa doesn’t let go of her obsession with the missing kids story. Her grandfather’s friend tells her that “they are watching,” and continuing down this road will get her killed. So, who are these missing kids and why are they so important?

Anissa goes on a shopping trip for a costume and ultimately ends up with a similar look to her character in the Outsiders comic.


Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce and China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce in the Black Lightning episode And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light. Source: Collider

Let’s take a moment and point out that superheroes don’t generally head to the local costume shop, because when they show up on the news fighting crime, it’s very easy to trace who they are.

As with most comic book shows, this first look won’t last long. Previously released photos show Anissa in a costume that sort of matches her father.

So, either the secret comes out, or just Gambi figures things out and makes her a suit fit for her powers.

Jeff has grown increasingly aggressive, even threatening Gambi when he doesn’t want him to use the new suit for his own safety.

Of course, Gambi was right. When Jeff goes to confront Tobias’s lieutenant Joey, he is debilitated just long enough for Joey to get the jump on him and beat him so badly that his suit is damaged. The only good news for Jeff is that Joey confirms that Tobias is still alive.

Though not as action-packed or emotional as the previous outings, this episode sets the table for the Black Lightning vs Tobias grudge match that’s obviously coming.

Also happening around Freeland:

Jennifer gets in a fight with a rival and displays the possible early hints of her powers.

“Consider this the black signal.” Black Lightning to Henderson when he gives him a way to contact him.



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