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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Pushed to December 21 Going Toe-to-Toe Against DC’s ‘Aquaman’

James Cameron and Robert Rodriquez’s live-action take on Yukito Kushiro’s Battle Angel Alita, originally scheduled for release on July 20 has been pushed to December 21. Placing Alita in an interesting position as it’s now set to go head to head against DC’s Aquaman releasing on the same day. As of now, a reason for the delay has yet to be provided.

You may remember Alita from when the first official trailer set the internet ablaze late last year. As several raised complaints regarding the uncanny valley effect of Alita’s “anime” eyes. Through the use of motion capture, Alita will be brought to life by Rosa Salazar, best known from the Maze Runner and Divergent series.

Rodriquez claims that his adaptation of the 9-volume manga will be a self-contained story that, “tunes up a world and a character that could go on.” Likely meaning that if Alita: Battle Angel performs well at the box office this winter, we may see Cameron’s original vision of an Alita trilogy.

Who do you think will win the opening weekend, the cyborg Battle Angel or The King of the Seven Seas?

Source: Anime News Network

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