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Jordan Peele Wins WGA Award for ‘Get Out’

As Awards season continues, the Writer’s Guild of America held simultaneous award ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York this past Sunday night, honoring Hollywood’s unsung heroes — the writer’s.

With so many projects pushing the boundaries this past year, many winners were very deserving of the honor. One of those winners was none other than Jordan Peele, the writer and director of the widely popular thriller Get Out.

Peele won the award for Best Original Screenplay. Here’s what he had to say during his acceptance speech;

“If I was really afraid of white people, this would be the scariest moment of my life. I think this means so much because writers know how fucking hard it is to write something. This was a passion project. It was something that I put my love into, my soul into. To everyone in this room that is a writer, keep taking chances, take big risks, put your love into it. It does pay off. It can take a long time but our voices really do matter”

A well deserved win for Jordan Peele on his directorial debut. Let’s cross our fingers and hope he takes home the same award, and many others, at this year’s Academy Awards. Is Jordan deserving of this award? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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