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Artist of the Week: Kim Jonghyun

On January 23rd Kim Jonghyun’s posthumous album Poet | Artist was released along with his single and music video for ‘빛이 나 (Shinin’)’.

Just as the title of the song says the music video is a perfect visual representation, everything is Shining.


In true Bling Bling fashion, the scene opens with a shot of a glittering disco ball. We get to take a nostalgic trip into what could be visualized as the Poet and the Artist’s world. Filled with bright colors, giant radios, cassette tapes, music, and stunningly smooth choreography. As Jonghyun sings his upbeat serenade a futuristic shapely background flashes behind him. The scenes go back and forth between him singing, dancing, and writing.

Unlike any other video SM Entertainment has released before, ‘Shinin’’ is one of a kind. To top off an amazing album release and beyond impressive music video, as of right now Jonghyun has won two music show awards for his single release on, KBS Music Bank on February 2nd and MBC show Champion.

SM also released a music video for another song off of the album called “Before our spring”.

I maybe only watched 30 seconds of it because it is tribute video. I haven’t worked up the courage to watch the whole thing. But I’m positive that it’s as beautiful as the song itself and I encourage you to watch it. If you’re not ready, don’t feel bad and don’t force yourself to.

Finally, I would like to thank Jonghyun ever so dearly for sharing his gift with us when he did. I’m going to be very honest, it took me a while to write this article. I’ve been a SHINee fan for the last six years and hearing the news of his passing hit me hard as I’m sure it did for anyone who had the pleasure of knowing who he was.

Although we lost someone near and dear to our hearts, we can now go on knowing that he is at peace in a better place. We can celebrate his life, artistry, and everything he accomplished while he was with us and even now that made him not only the artist of the week but the Artist of a lifetime.

Thank you, Jonghyun. You did well


Rest In Peace Kim Jonghyun April 8, 1990 – December 18, 2017

Please support Jonghyun by purchasing/streaming his work, all revenue made from it will be going to founding a charity by his mother to help those who are in a difficult environment:



If you would like a physical copy, here are some websites where you can purchase it:





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