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NYXL Fights for a $100,000 Prize in Conclusion of Overwatch League’s First Stage

Tonight New York Excelsior will defend their title as the Overwatch League’s number 1 team as the first stage comes to a close. Surprisingly, the team once said to be impossible to beat, Seoul Dynasty, came shy of landing a playoff spot for the Overwatch League’s inaugural stage.

Late in the first stage following a defeat by NYXL, Seoul Dynasty fell into a slump transforming their undefeated record to 7-3. While Dynasty did begin to show signs of retaining the level of play that left many awestruck in early stages. It was all a little too late as nothing less than a perfect game could clinch them a playoff position. Instead, they barely pulled off a nailbiting 3-2 victory over San Francisco Shock.


With Dynasty falling short, the three teams set to face off in the playoffs are; London Spitfire, Houston Outlaws and, New York Excelsior. In the initial round, the Spitfire and Outlaws will go head-to-head for an opportunity to take on NYXL in stage 1’s final match. If London Spitfire pulls off a victory over Houston Outlaws, we could see a rematch of NYXL v Spitfire, who already played against one another earlier today. Even if this does happen, the final is still guaranteed to be a thriller as the teams compete to take home a prize of $100,000.

The final match will air tonight at 10p.m. ET on the Overwatch League channel on Twitch.

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