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James Bobin to Direct Action Man Film

The Action Man film, the military action figure of choice in the UK, will be directed by The Muppets James Bobin. Bobin, who was also born in the UK, will be collaborating with Paramount and Hasbro to produce the upcoming film.

While the film has been kept under wraps by Paramount, it also seems that Paddington 2 co-writer Simon Farnaby will be working together on the upcoming film. Due to their more comedic and lighthearted directing and writing styles it seems that the film will have a much lighter tone than other movies based on military action figures such as G.I. Joe.

However, despite their directing and writing announcement’s Hasbro and Paramount have not yet confirmed the tone or the style of the upcoming film.

In the mean time catch Farnaby’s Paddington 2, the best reviewed film on Rotten Tomatoes of all time!

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Source: Empire Online


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