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Rumor: Google is Developing Its Own Gaming Console

Crazy rumors are floating around that Google might be working on a game streaming service that will deliver games immediately to Chromecast devices, and eventually, to Google’s own gaming console.

The service, so far codenamed “Yeti,” follows several similar game streaming services, in which subscribers pay a monthly fee to access a collection of games, like Games Pass or PlayStation Now. The service alone is pretty groundbreaking for Google, but reportedly there are also designs for a Google-enabled game controller and a Google console as well.


The controller would work with both Chromecast devices and the Google console, which would be able to connect to Chromecast, the Google Home, and Google Pixel devices. The development of a Google console would tie all your devices together in a single ecosystem.

Additionally, Google has been allowing their devices (the Pixel in particular) to have unlimited storage capacity. A Google console could also have this capability, creating the world’s first unlimited capacity gaming console.

The console itself is still very early in its development, and would have to overcome certain barriers, like the focus on the Android market in the Google Play store, and the lack of compatibility that Chromecast and other Chrome products have with pretty standard PC games.

The Yeti subscription services are supposed to debut within the next year. As for the console, the project, which is being led by Mario Quieroz (VP of Google Product Management) and Majd Bakar (VP of Google Engineering), still has a while to go before its hardware is ready to debut.

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Source: Tech Radar

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