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Kim Possible Live Action Fancast

On Wednesday it was announced that one of Disney Channel’s most popular shows from back in the day, Kim Possible, would be getting a live-action Disney Channel Original film. The show which aired from June 7, 2002, to September 7, 2007, follows the adventures of high school student Kim Possible, her best friend Ron Stoppable, his named molerat Rufus, and 10-year-old computer genius Wade as they fight crime and supervillains. On top of dealing with the pressures of espionage and crime-fighting, Kim also had to deal with the everyday pressures of being a teenage girl. Kim and Team Possible’s crime-fighting escapades often put them in a direct path with the mad scientist and eccentric supervillain Dr. Drakken and everyone’s favorite bad girl Shego. As a huge fan of the Kim Possible series I’ve been considering doing a fancast for the series for awhile, but when the film was announced I knew that now was the time to seize my moment.Madelaine Petsch as Kim Possible 

Kim Possible is the title character of the show. She is an intelligent young high school student who has to juggle the struggles of being a teenager, a cheerleader, and a crimefighting spy. Much of Kim’s time is spent jet-setting around the world and interacting with some of the worlds most powerful individuals and villains. When Kim and Ron aren’t knee deep in a case you can find the two of them hanging out in Ron’s favorite restaurant Bueno Nacho. I figured that Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch would be perfect for the role of Kim. I know we are accustomed to her playing Riverdale’s resident mean girl with a heart of gold Cheryl Blossom, but Madelaine has the charisma to pull of a great Kim Possible.Marcus Scribner as Ron Stoppable

Ron Stoppable is Kim’s best friend, clumsy crimefighting partner, and future boyfriend. Ron was the shows comedic relief and despite his often clumsy nature, he was actually extremely useful and on many occasions resourceful. He is the complete opposite of his popular social butterfly of a best friend and is quite often socially awkward and quirky in general. Ron has a heart of gold and is always there for Kim no matter what. Ron and his pet naked mole rat Rufus make up 2/4s of Team Possible. Ron has an intense fear of Monkey’s which is made most obvious when Team Possible encounters the villain Monkeyfist. Blackish’s Marcus Scribner is absolutely fantastic at playing socially awkward characters who are hilarious and unapologetically nerdy.Shamon Brown Jr as Wade Load

Wade is a 10-year-old computer genius who not only informs Kim of missions from the comfort of his bedroom but he also provides gadgets and remote assistance when Kim is in the field. At the time of the series, Wade had not only already completed Highschool but college. One of the most notable things about Wade’s character aside from his intelligence is the fact that rarely did Wade leave his room nor was he often ever seen away from his computer system. Wade’s superior hacking and computer skills allowed him to have an extensive web and reach around the world. I chose The CHI’s Shamon Brown Jr to portray Wade due to his charisma and comedic chops on the show.

Yara Shahidi as Monique

Monique is one of Kim’s closest and quite possibly one of her most intimate friends. Monique is fiercely loyal, down to earth, and has an eye for fashion like none other. Monique is the friend that Kim can discuss and confide her everyday struggles in such as her issues with boys or her issues with her nemesis Bonnie. While Kim and Ron are extremely close the relationship between Kim and Monique might actually be much more important to Kim being able to successfully juggle her life as a secret agent and her life as a normal teenage girl. Grownish’s Yara Shahidi is absolutely perfect for the role of Monique because she is great at portraying fashion-forward characters that are full of personality.Sofia Carson as Bonnie Rockwaller

Bonnie is the resident Popular mean girl who also happens to be one of the cheerleaders on the same team as Kim. Bonnie is rude, cold, dismissive, and has the typical “I’m better than you” attitude. She is Kim’s archnemesis and the source of many of her irritations and social issues throughout the series. I chose Sofia Carson because she is the perfect person to portray the popular cool girl archetype.

Taraji P. Henson as Dr. Betty Director

Dr. Betty Director is the head of the international spy organization that Kim operates under, The Global Justice Organization. Dr. Director is directly responsible for assessing and responding to any world threats such as Dr. Drakkens plans for world domination that falls outside of the jurisdiction of normal law enforcement. Dr. Director is secretive and the perfect example of the Espionage director character type. I chose Taraji because he is perfect at portraying stern characters who are about their business.Mark Hamill as Dr. Drakken 

Dr. Drakken is the Joker to Kim’s Batman…..the Lex Luthor to Kim’s Superman. He is the series most prominent villain and mad scientist. Most of the film’s episodes centered around Team Possible having to thwart one of Dr. Drakken’s plans for world domination. Drakken is a self-proclaimed “evil megalomaniac”. Drakken is extremely overly confident and full of himself and the capabilities of his plans. Drakken is very loud and eccentric and often times aggressive in his approach to his plans. He is aided by his partner and muscle Shego. They have an interesting relationship in that she is usually fed up with him. I chose Mark Hamill for Drakken because he has the energy level required for the character and the voice to match.

Rihanna as Shego

Shego is one of the most iconic Disney Channel animated villains and she is everyone’s favorite bad girl. Shego is the “sidekick” to Dr. Drakken despite being the more intelligent and capable of the duo. Shego generally stole things for Drakken upon his command and often helped to protect him from harm which caused her and Kim to come to blows quite often. Shego has a very abrasive and sarcastic nature oftentimes appearing to be fed up or irritated by those around her especially Drakken. I chose none other than everyone’s favorite bad girl Rihanna to portray Shego due to her immense sex appeal and overall badass demeanor. With Rihanna’s recent forays and intent to break into acting I figured Shego would be the perfect part for her.Jason Isaacs as Lord Monty “Monkey Fist” Fiske

Lord Monte Fiske is a former world-renowned archaeologist and expert on any and everything simian. Fiske became obsessed with Monkeys and the ancient Monkey martial art of Tai Shing Pek War. The first encounter that Monkey Fist had with Kim he attempted to have her help him retrieve an ancient Jade Monkey idol from a Cambodian Temple. Upon helping him retrieve it Fiske stole the idol while in disguise as a Ninja. He returned the Idol to his home in England with the other three and was granted ape like powers. He is extremely obsessive and just about all of his appearances center on him attempting to steal some sort of monkey-related artifact. Due to his Monkeys like appearance and behavior Monkey Fist terrifies Ron due to his fear of monkeys.

Kim Possible remains one of Disney’s most popular and iconic cartoons and it’s about time that a live-action version of the character exists. It’s going to be extremely fun for Twitter to gather to experience the movie together and relieve our childhood dreams of espionage and Shego lust. The above actors would absolutely slay the roles and elevate the project to great heights. I want to give a shoutout to Britany/@britany_murphs for her absolutely amazing edits and the hard work that she put into them.

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