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DC Has Set Sights On Michael Bay To Direct A Lobo Film

By the looks of it, DC is trying to expand their horizons by introducing a new banner of films that don’t fall in their main universe and developing stories for not so known characters, like Lobo.

According to The Wrap, Michael Bay -director of the Transformers saga- met with Warner Bros. and DC to discuss a Lobo solo film with the director giving some notes to Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman writer), who will incorporate them into a rewrite of the script, which will be shown to Bay once it’s finished to see if they can make a deal for him to direct said film.


Warner has been developing a Lobo film ever since 2009, with Guy Ritchie on the helm and a screenplay by the late Don Payne, focussing on Lobo landing on Earth in search of four fugitives, film that was later given to Brad Peyton (San Andreas) but never concreted.

Lobo is a DC Comics’ character, who first appeared in Omega Men #3 (1983), as an alien mercenary and bounty hunter. The character became popular after his revival in the early ’90s as a biker anti-hero.

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Source: The Wrap

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