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Mill City’s Finest In Talks to be Picked Up By Frederator or Mercury Filmworks

A little less a year ago, I wrote a piece about a new animated series called Mill City’s Finest that focused on the story of Aundre Weah, first-gen Liberian-American, and his friends as they combat the problems that are plaguing their town. The concept behind the show was definitely interesting, but obviously, a concept only goes so far. What the people need is to actually see the show in action. We need episodes, and it looks like that’s what we could be getting very soon.

After speaking to Samuel Stevquoah, the creative director of MCF, I was informed that the project was being looked at by two pretty well-known studios: Frederator, and Mercury Filmworks. Mercury has helped bring shows like Krypto the Superdog, 6teen, and Tangled: The Series to live. On the other hand, Frederator has helped worked on shows such as Adventure Time, The Fairly OddParents, and most recently the Netflix Original Castlevania. Both studios have a lot of potential, and the fact that they’re looking at Mill City’s Finest is amazing. We hope that one of them ends up jumping at the chance to give this series a shot because it looks like a really interesting concept.

However, there can obviously only be one. If you had to see Mill City’s Finest head to one of these studios, which would it be? Sound off in the comment section below.

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