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‘Black Lightning’ S1 Ep.4: ‘Black Jesus’ Review

Four episodes into Black Lightning and we’ve reached the point where Jeff has fully committed to once again being Black Lightning.

We open at the high school where one of the students, Bernard, is having a serious freak out overdose. Jeff is forced to use his powers to sedate the kid.

Later as Black Lightning, he confronts a young dealer to find out who the boss is.

Anissa is driving when she sees some of her students buying drugs. She threatens the dealers and has a look that says she will see them again.

Jeff gives Bernard a second chance after he tells him where he got the drugs. That can’t be good for Bernard’s life expectancy.

Gambi finds out Bernard’s dealer overdosed and they both think things will get worse.

Since crime doesn’t take a break, the bad guys are busy dealing with the fallout from last week’s shooting.

Lady Eve lets Tobias know that the return of Black Lightning has damaged his reputation.

1x04-eve-whale (2)

Jill Scott as Lady Eve and Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias Whale in the Black Lightning episode Black Jesus. Source: ComicBook

The way she casually threatens him while disemboweling a corpse is a boss move and instantly makes her the best villain in The CW superhero world. So far Jill Scott is only slated to be in two episodes, but let’s hope that changes very quickly.

Tobias has the mortician who didn’t properly confirm Black Lightning’s murder beaten to death by his scary henchwoman.

In the continuing adventures of Jennifer’s sad life, she spends time with Khalil at physical therapy. She then decides to quit track. Not to sound like a broken record, but come on, China Anne McClain deserves more than what she’s getting right now.

Even if they’re planning to do a big reveal down the road, they could make her more interesting or likeable. We need to still care if that big moment ever comes.

At dinner with the Hendersons, Anissa makes her support for Black Lightning known and Jeff has a proud smirk on his face. She then finds the dealers from earlier and knocks them out.

Jeff tries to give his old friend 2-Bits a friendly warning, of course it doesn’t work and he has to go see him as Black Lightning. 2-Bits hilariously wants a selfie before he’s knocked out.

1x04-tobias whale (2)

Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Black Lightning’s Tobias Whale. Source: ComicBook

He’s fun and should be Black Lightning’s regular CI.

Back at the high school, the board wants to suspend Bernard and Jeff has to decide whether to stand up to them. Vice principal Fowdy takes a few minutes to sort of flirt with him again. At a certain point she’s got to stop embarrassing herself.

Anissa uses her powers to defend Grace and herself from some bigoted jerks. Gambi goes to the bar to investigate, so he’s suspicious and her secret will come out sooner rather than later.

Tobias’ sister Tori shows up to help him kill Black Lightning. She plans to use Khalil as a pawn to change the public’s opinion of the vigilante.

As a final blow, Bernard is still hooked on drugs and Lynn has no time to listen to Jeff talk about the collateral damage of being a hero.

It’s truly amazing to have a show so sure of what it is, representing the good and bad of the black community. Black Lightning just gets better every week and has become an instant classic.

Also happening around Freeland:

“Black kids od’ing has never been newsworthy.” Jeff preaching the truth.

2-Bits commenting on whether he deserves 30 years for dealing because he has a family to support is another example of this show’s brilliant handling of real world issues facing the black community.

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