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Geguri Becomes First Female Player to Join Overwatch League

Earlier this year Compete wrote an article shining a light on a pressing issue in the Esports community. Despite Overwatch having numerous top-level women players, out of the 131 players spread across 12 teams, not one of them signed a woman to their roster.

Today Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon, announced via Twitch that she will be joining the Overwatch League, making her the first woman in the league. As of now, it hasn’s been stated which team she’ll be joining, however, she did leave us with one clue as we speculate the potential options:

“Regarding teams.. just know that I’m going to a foreign team. I got many offers.”

Geguri took the precaution of following every team in the league to keep speculators on their toes. However, one Reddit user NYCMuffinMan showed a little investigative prowess to predict she’ll be joining NYXL.

“It will be NYXL, She’s followed by the head of player personnel, the head analyst for the team, two of the players, and it was the first team she followed spaced out between two other follows, then a bunch of other team follows.”

Before Geguri made her announcement, Scott Tester, who played a large role in the development of NYXL’s roster gave this statement regarding the leagues newest member, “Geguri is a talented player. She plays off-tank, which I think is a really important role to have chemistry with the rest of your team. We were trying to find someone who already meshed well with their team. So I don’t think it was really about her specific level of skill; she’s a really talented player.”

Considering this statement and the valid points pointed out by several Reddit users the possibility of Geguri joining NYXL seems promising. Which team do you feel Geguri’s Zarya would benefit most? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think! Also be sure to check out the article from Compete, for a more in-depth look at the conversations which led to this point.

Source: ResetEra & Compete

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