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Donnie Yen Hints Production Has Begun on Sleeping Dogs Film

Announced nearly a year ago, the Sleeping Dogs film seems to finally be gaining headway. According to an Instagram post from IP Man’s Donnie Yen, who will star in the video game-to-film adaptation, the movie is still in motion and likely in the early stages of production. Check out Yen’s post below:

The caption beneath the series of images reads: “Sometimes great things take a bit of time. Sleeping Dog is motion, you guys ready for this?” These vague hints don’t offer much in the way of detail, but they’re at least confirmation that the film is still very much happening.

This bit of news is certain to please fans of Sleeping Dogs, many of whom remain devastated by the sleeper hit never receiving a proper sequel. In the film, Yen plays Wei Shen, an undercover cop who returns to his neighborhood in Hong Kong to infiltrate the Triad and topple the organization from the inside.

The movie is presumably still being produced by Neal Moritz’s Original Film. However, as PCGamesN notes, this may have changed since Sleeping Dogs was announced last March.

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