‘Tijuana’ in the works by Netflix and Univision​ Fusion Media after the success of ‘El Chapo’

Five more series are being produced as Netflix and Univision’s Fusion Media made a deal after the success of scripted El Chapo.

Spanish-language drama Tijuana will be the first drama to kickstart the deal, as production will begin in April. The series will air on Univision in the U.S. but streaming will be available worldwide on Netflix.

In Tijuana, a presidential-front runner is gunned down in the streets and killed. Seeking answers to the assassinations, new reporters uncover a web of corruption that puts their lives in danger.

Camila Jimenez Villa, CEO of FMG Studios, said: “This is a critical time to be talking about what journalists around the world face every day in the pursuit of the truth, particularly in Mexico.”

El Chapo‘s producer Daniel Posada will serve as showrunner of the series along with Zayre Ferrer, the series’ creator. Casting for the show is underway, and production will take place in Tijuana and Mexico City.

Along with Tijuana, FMG and Netflix are partnering to produce four more series, including two Spanish-language and English-language docuseries.

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Source: Variety


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