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‘Westworld’ Season 2 Trailer to Premiere during Super Bowl

HBO will be debuting their first Superbowl ad in 20 years this Sunday, which will be a first full trailer for the highly anticipated Westworld Season 2.

The premium network has only purchased time during the monumental sporting event twice before, in 1997 and 1998, for spots that promoted the network as a whole.

The trailer is said to be directed by series co-creator Jonathan Nolan and paired with the costly Super Bowl placement, we’re gearing up to witness something truly exceptional.


Photo courtesy of EW

This first teaser photo from EW showcases Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) sporting a fervent gaze along with something behind him. If we had to guess, it could be an unfinished host that is suspiciously upright and… alert.

There is still no official announced premiere date for the acclaimed sci-fi drama – only that it will be sometime this year – but hopefully that information will be shared with us soon. The last teaser we received was during Comic-Con last year, but only previewed scenes from the first couple weeks of filming. Westworld has since wrapped production for Season 2, and we are anticipating Nolan’s vision with the entire season of footage at his disposal for the upcoming Super Bowl ad.

Westworld is poised to be HBO’s leading genre showcase series this year, with its accustomed frontrunner Game of Thrones taking the year off. Westworld picked up five primetime Emmy nominations during its premiere season, and the series is likely to have plenty of contenders during the next award season as well. The first episode debuted in Fall of 2016, so fans have been quite antsy waiting for something new. Nolan and co-creator Lisa Joy explained previously that they wanted to devote time to writing the entire second season of the intense drama before filming began last Summer.

Westworld is set in an adult Wild West theme park in the future where guests roleplay fantasies with perfectly lifelike “hosts” (androids). Season 1 — which is currently streaming on HBO’s online services, Go and Now — told the story of the hosts gradually gaining sentience and rebelling against their human masters. In addition to Wright, the series stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, James Marsden and Jimmi Simpson.

Are you a fellow Westworld fan impatiently craving new footage of the upcoming season? Let us know and keep a lookout for the Westworld trailer during Super Bowl LII this Sunday, February 4th.
Source: EW

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