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‘The Kane Chronicles’ Live-Action Fancast

In honor of Black History Month, I’ve decided to compile a fancast for a series that is highly underrated. If you’ve never heard of the Kane Chronicles, it’s a fantasy series written by Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Much like Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles takes ancient mythology and brings it into the modern day – -only this time, the series uses ancient Egyptian folklore. It has an almost exclusively black cast and one of the most compelling storylines I’ve ever read. To celebrate Blackness in popular entertainment, here are my choices for the actors I’d love to see portray the characters in The Kane Chronicles.

Caleb McLaughlin as Carter Kane


We fell in love with him on Stranger Things, and that love was revitalized in season 2 when he was given a much bigger storyline. However, Caleb McLaughlin is rarely appreciated or given any love by the fans. Here’s an opportunity to give him not only a starring role, but a dynamic, badass character with magical powers and a spiritual connection to the god Horus (that alone sounds pretty awesome). He’s also pretty good at basketball and has a fondness for traveling the world. Caleb could play this role in his sleep!

Letitia Wright as Sadie Kane


Sadie Kane is described as having much lighter skin than Carter in the books, with hair that she dyes every color of the rainbow and a British accent. While there aren’t any known actors that fit this description, I found an up-and-coming actress who would knock the role out of the park. Letitia Wright is British, she’s in the upcoming Black Panther, and her performance as T’Challa’s younger sister Shuri is being praised. Though she isn’t light-skinned, it’s a minor change that won’t affect the persona of the character. Sadie is spunky, vibrant, funny and full of life.

Yara Shahidi as Zia Rashid


Zia is Carter’s love interest and a young magician in training. She is very fierce and talented, and her magic manifests in the form of flames. However, don’t mistake her beauty for weakness – she can, and will, cut your face off. Zia helps train Carter and Sadie to get them to understand and learn magic. Yara Shahidi is a talented actress who doesn’t get enough recognition. This is a role that would fit her like a glove.

Mahershala Ali as Julius Kane


Julius is the father of Carter and Sadie, and he is an extremely talented Egyptologist who has been studying the reason for many years – at least, that’s his cover. In truth, Julius is a powerful magician who is trying to bring light and reason back to the source of the gods’ power. Though he doesn’t have a big role, the bond between Julius and Carter is very important and I think Mahershala would do a fantastic job in the role. He could pass for the father of Caleb and Letitia, and he would also do a great job handling the character’s action scenes.

Sterling K Brown as Amos Kane


Amos is the uncle of Carter and Sadie. He runs the Twenty-first Nome, a secret palace where magic can be practiced openly. Unlike Julius, Amos is far less secretive and reserved about magic. He thinks magicians shouldn’t hide and believes Carter and Sadie can change the way they are perceived by the world. He has a dark side to him, though, and sometimes considers turning evil. Sterling K Brown is a fabulous actor, and I believe he would be able to portray Amos’s nuance while also looking fabulous in braids.

Michael K Williams as Set, the god of mischief


Set is the god of trickery and one of the villains in the series. He is constantly trying to get the kids to turn and follow him, and his dark agenda is often on the wrong path. He hates heroes and magicians and believes he should be the ruler of the gods. If you’re going to cast a black man as your bad guy, Michael K Williams should be your go-to. The cunning, skilled actor has proven that he can play dark multiple times in his career, and Set would be a wonderful role for him to chew on.

Janelle Monae as Bast, the goddess of cats


The cat goddess is the kids’ sidekick, constantly helping them on their missions and acting as a moral compass. She’s a very cool, funny character who doesn’t act like a goddess, but don’t you dare forget her power. Janelle Monae would do a fabulous job bringing the character of Bast to life.

Kofi Siriboe as Horus, the god of falcons and leadership


Horus is the god Carter has a close connection to. Several times in the books, Horus and Carter speak telepathically. They understand each other; their minds work in tandem, and they often fight as one. Kofi does a great job playing a fierce leader and protector on OWN’s Queen Sugar, and I think he would make a fine Horus.

Danai Gurira as Isis, the goddess of magic and protection


Isis is the goddess Sadie has a close connection to. She is very powerful, but she cannot be trusted; not everything she says should be taken at face value. Despite her power, she often helps Sadie in times of need. Danai Gurira has this role secured. She would play well against Letitia Wright and serve as a wonderful Isis.

Hopefully, the inevitable success of Black Panther will prompt Hollywood to give more Black-centric properties like this one the green light. If we continue to make our voices heard, maybe Kane Chronicles will be flocking to a theater near you soon!

Graphics Courtesy of Saron / @IsARealGirl

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