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Octavia Spencer Reuniting With Tate Taylor For Psychological-Horror, ‘Ma’

Octavia Spencer will be reuniting with The Help director, Tate Taylor, for a psychological-horror produced by Blumhouse Productions.


Tate Taylor & Octavia Spencer. Image via IMDB

Jason Blum has lined up another interesting picture which will be a mix of horror and psychological thriller and it will star Oscar-winning actress, Octavia Spencer.

She will be joined by Juliette Lewis and Luke Evans, who previously worked with Taylor on The Girl on the Train.

“It’s dark material, but it’s also really fun,” said Taylor. “Octavia is so damn likable that we usually see her in certain roles. But she’s such a good actress and this is such a complex character that if I do my job right people in the audience are going to want to push pause and say, ‘can we please take you out for coffee so you don’t do what you’re about to do.’”

In keeping with Blumhouse tradition, the film will be low-budget and filming will take place at Taylor’s home in Mississippi. Taylor asserts that although it will be low-budget, the film will offer big scares.

Blum’s production model has allowed creatives like Jordan Peele and M. Night Shyamalan to do so much on limited budgets. With the low risk they are given great creative freedom, and the model has proven to be very successful for Blumhouse (both financially and critically).

Blum and Taylor are thrilled to have Spencer take on the lead. The role promises to be complex and bold. Taylor suggests she may be the antagonist in the film.

“It was so serendipitous, because Octavia and I are always complaining about being offered the same shit, and I read this and thought oh fuck,” said Taylor.  “This is so fucking weird and awesome and I want Octavia be the lead.”

Spencer will also be leading in a holiday-comedy with The Help co-star, Jessica Chastain. Chastain developed the film and the rights were bought by Universal.

Blum’s upcoming films include the Halloween reboot. Right now he and the team behind Get Out are enjoying their impressive presence during this awards season.

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Source: Variety.

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