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Nintendo Announces Online Service for September 2018

Back when the Switch first launched in early 2017, Nintendo confirmed that it would have a paid online service similar to the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live. As of today, the service, which will cost $20 for 12 months, has finally been announced to be released in September of this year.

So far, all of the Switch’s online services have been free, and the upcoming online membership will allow players to access online lobbies, online gameplay, and voice chat, which to date is still only available through a third party smartphone app.


Subscribers will also get access to exclusive eShop sales, and free access to some of Nintendo’s classic arcade titles, like Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight, and Dr. Mario.

The other tiers for the service are $4 for one month, and $8 for three month. This doesn’t include the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii U, which will continue to have free online services.

At this price point, do you see yourself paying for Nintendo Switch online? Do you think the low price will help it to compete with PS Plus and Xbox Live’s $60 price tags? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo

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