‘Cloverfield 4’ Will Be Set in WWII And Has Finished Production

While for a few weeks the hot topic -regarding this franchise- was the delay of the premiere date for Cloverfield 3, the reality is that the production team behind this film series was already working on a 4th film, which has ended production as of the beginning of this week.

Directed by Julius Avery (Son of a Gun) at the helm, and starring Wyatt Russell (Everybody Wants Some!!Black Mirror) and set in World War II, the film will tell the story of a group of American paratroopers, dropped behind enemy lines in the run-up to D-Day, who later discover a supernatural secret in a Nazi-occupied village.


To avoid people’s suspicion over this film, it was shot under the name Overlord, but word has confirmed that this is indeed part of the Cloverfield saga and it’s said to premiere around October of this year.

This comes as interesting news, as last week it was reported that God Particle -a.k.a. Cloverfield 3– might not get a theatre release outside of the US, as Paramount might sell the rights of this film to Netflix. If the deal ends up happening, Overload might get the same fate.

What do you think about this news? What are your thoughts about this franchise?
Let us know in the comment section down below!

Source: Empire Magazine.


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