Warner Bros. is beginning to plan for the sequel to its most well reviewed DCEU film.

Omega Underground is speculating that Wonder Woman 2 may film at Warner Bros. studio in Leavesden, England. The first film along with Justice League, The Dark Knight and the Harry Potter movies have all been filmed there.

There have been no details released about the plot of the sequel, though rumors have said that it may involve the Cold War and be set in the 80s.

justice-league-ben-affleck-gal-gadot-ezra-miller (2)
Ezra Miller as The Flash, Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Justice League. Source: Collider

Director Patty Jenkins previously discussed how they were approaching the follow-up.

“We’re actually making a totally different film with a lot of the same, similar like things that we love, but it’s its own movie completely, so it’s not ‘two’ to us,” she said. “It’s an entirely new adventure together that we couldn’t be luckier [to do].”

Gal Gadot returns as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, when Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters November 1, 2019.

What would you like to see in the sequel?

Source: CBR

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