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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.12: ‘For Good’ Review

Apparently, we’re going to have to pretend to be interested in Sam, James and Lena this week, as the show’s three most boring characters take the lead.

Alex is helping Sam figure out what’s wrong with her. Sam is tired of lying to people about all the lost time. She thinks she’s a burden on Lena.

Meanwhile, James and Lena run in to Morgan Edge and he is not impressed with Lena. Someone takes control of Morgan’s car and he jumps out the trunk just before it crashes.


Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor and Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers in the Supergirl episode For Good. Source: TV Line

Morgan accuses Lena, and after he leaves she freaks out again because people are calling her evil. Look, at this point either change your name or get thicker skin.

Things take a turn when Lena is poisoned with cyanide. Kara saves her by flying her to the DEO and freezing her, but Lena still doesn’t know her best friend is Supergirl.

James, as Guardian, attacks Morgan because he thinks Edge poisoned Lena. Also, it’s kind of obvious that James is Guardian in the scene, but of course Morgan also can’t figure that out.

Listen, we’re going to need these geniuses to get a lot smarter.

Lena follows some clues to Lillian and she says she’s there to help Lena with Edge, but she also takes a few minutes to give her come to the dark side speech again. This a cool moment where Lillian is reminding her daughter how brilliant she is.

Lena says Lillian can take care of her Edge problem, but later has a change of heart and decides to save him.

Before things start to get too interesting Sam tells Kara and Lena about being sick, confessing her fears about leaving Ruby alone. Well that certainly foreshadows what’s coming.


Mechad Brooks as James Olsen/Guardian and Adrian Pasdar as Morgan Edge in the Supergirl episode For Good. Source: TV Line

This episode drags on from one boring conversation on a couch to the next, which might be ok if it involved the characters with something important to say.

Lena uses her mother’s hit on Edge to blackmail him into confessing. Unfortunately, Lillian crashes the party in the Lexo suit.

With Mon-El’s help, Supergirl defeats Lillian and Guardian keeps Edge from escaping with his confession.

By the way, why does Mon-El keep randomly popping up at the DEO? Sure he’s in the Legion of Superheroes, but does he not understand how a break up works?

Everything wraps up with Sam finding out there’s nothing wrong with her. Well, nothing except unwillingly hosting an evil Kryptonian worldkiller in her body.

If you looked up the definition of filler episode, there would be a copy of this one on display. Literally nothing of consequence happened. It just wasn’t the show’s best effort.

Also happening around National City:

Kara is beating herself up since she can’t find the other worldkillers. J’onn tells Kara that the way things are right now reminds him of Mars before the civil war. He gives her a pep talk about being the calm at the center of the storm and that Supergirl is the one who shows people the best of themselves. P.S. he’s totally talking to the audience about the real world.

In the last scene the team finally identifies one of worldkillers.



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