Last November, BTS released their “Mic Drop” remix with Steve Aoki featuring Desiigner.  The K-pop group’s single quickly elevated in the music charts both internationally and domestically in the U. S.  If you missed the remix, check it out below.

Steve Aoki has now since confirmed that “Mic Drop” will not be the only collaboration between these two epic musicians.  In fact, more collaborations are in the works.  Aoki stated, “[‘Mic Drop (Remix’] was the start.  And now we got some new music coming out for 2018!  That’s exciting as well! So we got this remix to put out there, but now we have some more original music as well!”

Additionally, Aoki praised the septet, refusing to pick just one favorite (or bias) from the group.  You can watch the full interview down below.

Are you thrilled for more collaborations between Steve Aoki and BTS?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Billboard

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