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NYXL Dismantles The Undefeated Seoul Dynasty in Week 3 of Overwatch League

Tonight Overwatch League fans finally witnessed the match they’ve been feining for, as the 5-0 Seoul Dynasty took on the 4-1 NYXL. Up until last night, when NYXL slipped up against Philidelphia Fusion, both teams were thought to be unstoppable as they dominated the league, completely shutting out many of their foes.

NYXL wasn’t alone in their missteps, even the relentless Seoul Dynasty was seen with their backs against the walls this week. On Wednesday the 0-5 Shanghai Dragons were finally unleashed, leaving fans on the edge of their seats, in a match that many expected to be a massacre.


While Shanghai had one of their best matches yet, several fans stated the reason the match was so close was due to the absence of Fleta, one of Dynasty’s top players. In an effort to refrain from showing too much of their hand prior to facing their toughest opponent yet. It’s believed Fleta sat out against what Dynasty assumed would have been an easy win, as a counter strategy against NYXL’s preparation for Thursday’s match.

Unfortunately, the strategy only proved to let Dynasty down. Tied 2-2, Dynasty and NYXL went into a final tiebreaker map to decide the victor of the anticipated meeting. Despite both teams having fantastic performances, in the end, NYXL’s ability to counter Dynasty’s strategies earned them a tactical victory.

Now that Dynasty has been uncrowned as an unbeatable tyrant in the league, who do you think will take the spot of number one? If you beat the best does that make you the best, or should NYXL take down the London SpitFire before making such bold claims? Let us know what you think about the state of the OWL rankings down below!

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