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George R.R. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’ Recieves Funding Boost From Irish Film Board

Congratulations are in order for writer George R. R. Martin who has just been awarded a grant from the Irish Film Board of just around $1.1. million in order to help bring his novella Nightflyers to the small screen.

Martin published Nightflyers back in 1980 and is set in the same fictional “Thousand Worlds” as a numerous amount of his other works before expanding it into a small collection. In 1981 it won the Locus Award for Best Novella, in 1983 it won the Seiun Award in Japan for foreign short fiction and was even a full-length film in 1987. Last year, SyFy ordered a pilot based on it and only a few weeks ago, the channel gave a series order, bringing on streaming giant NetFlix who will own the international rights to the show.

Nightflyers will follow eight rouge scientists as well as a telepath who start a journey to the edge of the solar system aboard Nightflyer – a ship with a close crew as well as a less than friendly captain — in the hope of finally making contact with extraterrestrials. However, so events start to take place that cause them to no longer trust each other, probing that merely making the quest alive is going to be far more difficult than they had originally planned. The series will be shot in Ireland at Limerick’s Troy Studios and the show reportedly is aiming for a release later this year.

Have you read Nightflyers? Did you like it? Are you hype for the show? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!


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