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‘Get Out’ and ‘Dunkirk’ Return to Theaters After Landing Oscar Nominations

Usually, once Oscar nominations are released, the films that have been nominated are no longer in theaters.  And if you’re itching to see those top picks, then you’re in luck with at least two amazing films.  After the nominations were announced on January 23, Get Out and Dunkirk are both headed back to the big screen in theaters for viewing pleasure.

get-out-horror-peele-20161004-snapGet Out

Get Out was first released almost one year ago in February of 2017.  Since its released, the film has garnered both popularity amongst the masses and acclaim amongst critics.  It left theaters in the summer, July 2017.

Dunkirk also was released in the midst of 2017, coming into theaters as a summer movie in July.  It remained available for public viewing until November, but also amassed much praise.


In terms of nominations, Get Out landed four nominations: best picture, best director, best original screenplay, and best actor.  Meanwhile, Dunkirk picked up eight nominations: cinematography, film editing, production design, sound editing, sound mixing, music (original score), directing, and best picture.

It is not uncommon for nominated films to return to the multiplex.  AMC theaters host an annual showcase of the Oscar-nominated films; this year, that will run from February 23 until March 3.  On top of that, AMC will be screening all nine of the best movie nominees starting January 29, so catch them and see if you agree with the picks or if you just want to rewatch Get Out and Dunkirk.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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