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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.11: ‘Fort Rozz’ Review

Tonight is the Girls Trip episode of Supergirl, only without all the laughs.

To get more information on Reign, Kara needs to speak to a priestess in Fort Rozz. She’s been there since before Krypton exploded, so she knows all of Reign’s secrets.

Sam is supposedly going on a LCorp business trip until her own personal Gollum shows up and activates Reign. Lena is just starting to realize that her top employee has been shirking her work responsibilities and disappearing.

It turns out Fort Rozz is orbiting a blue star which is poisonous to men and where Kara won’t have her powers.


Supergirl finds Livewire/Leslie (Brit Morgan) hiding out from Reign in a diner. Source: TV Line

To solve her Reign problem, Kara has decided to form her own superteam of women with Livewire/Leslie, Imra/Saturn Girl and Psi. While it’s cool to see Kara work with metahumans she put away, she knows she has another whole Earth full of superhero friends right?

Things get off to a rocky start for the dream team, plus Reign knows what they’re up to, so it’s a safe bet everyone isn’t making it out alive.

Psi loses control of her powers and attacks Imra, so her dampener is put back on. Fort Rozz, and by extension the team’s ship, is falling into the star.

Well that escalated quickly.

Things go from bad to worse when Reign arrives and it turns out she actually has powers. Hers are not dependent on the sun. She immediately kills the priestess, who wasn’t as important as she thought she was.

While all this is going on, Alex is babysitting Ruby, which is totally foreshadowing what happens after Sam/Reign is killed or sent to the Phantom Zone. Alex is the best aunt ever as she uses her FBI badge to scare a mean girl so she will stop cyber bullying Ruby. Not to be rude, but she’s a much better mom than Sam at this point.

Just as Reign is about to kill Kara and Leslie, Psi shows up and gets in her head, scaring Sam back to reality with a vision of Ruby. Sam is starting to figure out something is wrong, because she keeps losing time.


Brit Morgan as Livewire and Odette Annable as Reign, battle it out in the Supergirl episode Fort Rozz. Source: TV Line

Remember that part about everyone not making it out alive, well sadly it seems like Livewire is dead. She sacrificed herself to save Supergirl. However, when Livewire dies her energy just sort of goes out. It’s completely possible that she sent her energy back to the ship and will show up again. They even showed her do it earlier in the episode. Livewire is totally Kara’s Captain Cold and Brit Morgan would be great as one of the Waverider Crew on Legends of Tomorrow.

The high cost of the trip didn’t lead to much for Kara, except for saying that there are more like Reign out there. We get to see one of them when she’s hit head on by a car and shakes it off.

This seemed like a filler episode that didn’t do much to advance the story and killed a good character so Supergirl would be more motivated, because nearly getting beaten to death wasn’t enough.

Also happening around National City:  

Winn has trouble working with Brainiac, since he is no longer the smartest kid in the room. To be fair, Brainiac is being an unreasonable jerk the whole episode. In the end, Winn saves the day and Brainiac is clearly jealous.


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